Below are some notable things that I’ve built. Almost all my work is publicly available either on GitHub or my personal git server and is licensed under the GPL.

I try to work on projects which I think will be somewhat novel or reasonably useful to me and others. It’s usually the latter.

A search-as-you-type search engine with 20,000 math olympiad problems from various sources. React/TypeScript frontend, Go+Meilisearch backend, deployed on a VPS with Docker.

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A website designed to facilitate preparation for the short-answer math contests administered by the Mathematical Association of America. Levels and automatic grading are built-in. Built with React and Firebase.

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Description in the MOP page

Written in Go with the Discordgo API bindings. Uses a Redis database for low-latency data storage.


A Python tool to reproducibly compile markup documents using docker and a simple configuration system. A convenient version manager is also provided.

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It’s also worth noting that I had a less sophisticated predecessor to this project, MkTeX.

A site for our Math Competition Homeroom (which I led during my junior and senior years at OHS) to coordinate meetups and competitions. Written in Django, deployed with Docker.


Go-Stop Tools

Go-Stop AppSome Hwatu Cards

A set of web apps to manage the Kim family’s musings in a classic Korean card game of strategy and luck.

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Personal Website

The site you’re looking at right now. I spent a significant portion of winter break 2023 refining it.