I attended the 2023 Mathematical Olympiad Program (MOP), a free 3-week-long summer camp at CMU, as a member of the Blue Group. It was easily one of the most transformative experiences of my life, and I’ve remained connected to the community there ever since.

MOP 2023 Group Photo

MOP ‘23 Group Photo, featuring a miscoordinated 1434



PureMOOt in action; an issued puremootation and a round of blitz reaper respectively.

I wrote a Discord bot for our server (Lemonade Shop) that issues random pairs of people every day; pairs are encouraged to converse in DM’s and get to know each other. PureMOOt also implements anonymous broadcasting and a cursed little game from Art of Problem Solving called Reaper. People mostly play blitz rounds because reaping at 3AM is a winning strategy but terrible for one’s health.

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Secret Hitler

On July 17, 2023 (1434/2), the Game Masters---Tiger, Vivian, Neal, and I---launched a game of Secret Hitler over Discord! This was the second installment after the Pilot Secret Hitler game (hosted by Advaith). The game went on for a full month, but the fascists managed to eke out a victory! Below are the corresponding archives: