I’m a senior at Stanford OHS and an incoming freshman at MIT with plans to major in CS and/or Math. I used to be a hardcore fencing main (épée) with a dream to represent the US at the Cadet World Championships; in late 2019, I reached first in my age group. When the pandemic hit and all training came to a halt, I dove deeper into the worlds of contest math, web development, and UNIX customization, all of which I found to be just as rewarding. At the far end of my olympiad journey, I placed 23rd overall in the 2023 USAMO and attended MOP.

Although my olympiad days are behind me, I hope to continue working on interesting projects that help myself and the community around me. The matholy community has long been an inspiration for such projects, and I am working at MathDash to help make it the best platform for training contest math skills!

In my free time, I play Go-Stop, spam Rubik’s Cube PLL algorithms, and spend too much time on Discord. I’m also a big cat lover!