MacOS Rices

All dotfiles can be found on this GitHub repo. I have separate branches for my MacBook and my iMac.

It’s worth noting that the features of the window manager that I use, Yabai, require SIP to be completely disabled. I honestly can’t see the point of keeping SIP enabled when the robust UNIX permissions system exists…

Yabai Sketchybar Borders


MBP Catppuccin Rice

MacBook Pro rice with Yabai, Sketchybar, and Borders. Catppuccin color scheme.


iMac Gruvbox Rice

iMac rice with Yabai, Sketchybar, and Borders. Gruvbox color scheme.

iMac Catppuccin Rice

Older iMac rice with Yabai and Sketchybar. Catppuccin color scheme.