I was introduced to the world of ricing by my fellow nerds at the Open Source Cult. Ever since, I have experimented with a variety of different setups and programs to optimize both productivity and aesthetics. I’ve riced on both MacOS and a bunch of Linux Distros.


Below are some pieces of software I use, although I often adventure beyond them!

TypeChoice (Linux)Choice (MacOS)
Window Managerbspwm/dwmYabai
Document ViewerZathuraSkim
MusicMpd with NcmpcppMpd with Ncmpcpp
VirtualizationQEMU/KVM with virt-managerVMWare Fusion

Window Manager Configuration

Whatever desktop I’m on, I always associate each workspace with a certain type of application. I configure my window manager and status bars accordingly.

  1. The terminal emulator. I used to have multiple emulator instances open across multiple workspaces, but tmux has made this far less efficient.
  2. The web browser
  3. Other code editors/productivity tools
  4. Chatting/conference software
  5. Virtual Machine software; yes, I am a proud VM spammer
  6. Music players; apps like YouTube Music or Cantata go here, although I don’t use them as much because ncmpcpp exists. 6 is correspondingly the most annoying digit to reach.
  7. Settings
  8. Discord
  9. Streaming/recording software


I try to standardize my keybindings across any window manager I use:

  • mod-shift-a for opening Alacritty
  • mod-shift-return for opening Alacritty with Tmux
  • mod-shift-w for opening a browser
  • mod-e for running a custom meeting joining program.
  • mod-space for application launchers (ripped from MacOS oops).

Miscellaneous Repositories